"African American Scientists from Louisiana" - 2023 | 10-part TV series on FOX & NBC in Lafayette, LA

“Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!" - 2017 | 19-part TV series on FOX & NBC in Lafayette, LA

In the early 1990s, local TV news stations across the U.S. cut their local science beat reporters. About 25 years later, a 2017 Research!America poll revealed that 81% of Americans could not name a living scientist.

In 2017, I used my position of Chief Meteorologist of the FOX and NBC affiliates in Lafayette, Louisiana, to create the 19-part local science series, “Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!” In “Whoa!” I tried to inspire a trust and appreciation for science through storytelling, by linking science to a sense of local pride, and feelings of wonder and awe for the natural world. 

In 2023, I created the 10-part series, “African American Scientists from Louisiana”, highlighting 10 outstanding scientists who grew up in the Pelican State.