"African American Scientists from Louisiana"- 2023 | 10-part TV series aired on local TV news stations in Louisiana February '23 and June '24. Now featured as an exhibit at the Lafayette Science Museum.

“Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!"- 2017 | 19-part TV series aired on KADN-TV (FOX) & KLAF-TV (NBC) in Lafayette, LA

In the early 1990s, local TV news stations across the U.S. cut their local science beat reporters. About 25 years later, a 2017 Research!America poll revealed that 81% of Americans could not name a living scientist.

In 2017, I used my position of chief meteorologist for the NBC & FOX affiliates in Lafayette, Louisiana to create a 19-part local science series, “Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!”  In “Whoa!” I tried to inspire a trust and appreciation for science through storytelling, by linking science to a sense of local pride and feelings of wonder and awe for the natural world. 

In 2023, I created the 10-part series, “African American Scientists from Louisiana”, which aired during newscasts of Louisiana local TV news stations, and is now featured as an exhibit at the Lafayette Science Museum. I created this series to expand perceptions about who a scientist is, and to highlight role models for young African Americans to see themselves as belonging in STEM.