Meet Your Coach

Emmy Award-Winning storyteller

The Coach

Hi, I’m Jordan Sandler. I’m a media trainer, public speaking coach and former television newscaster who specializes in working with scientists. Over the years I’ve trained TV news anchors to be more captivating on-camera, pro athletes and CEOs in preparation for media appearances, and a wide variety of individuals wanting to eliminate their fear of public speaking. The key to great public speaking is to exude confidence. I take pride in helping people quickly bring this to the surface as we get down to business on your specific speaking goals.

Television Career

I’ve been writing for television since 2003 and took home an Emmy Award for news reporting in 2009. On-camera, I’ve worked as a Chief Meteorologist, Sports Anchor, News Reporter and Entertainment Show Host with national appearances on several networks including CBS, CNN and MSNBC. Science advocacy is my greatest passion, and in 2017 I created a 19-part science series aimed at inspiring an appreciation for science among news viewers of FOX and NBC in Lafayette, Louisiana. In “Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!” I tried to inspire a trust and appreciation for science through storytelling, by linking science to a sense of local pride and feelings of wonder and awe for the natural world. In 2023 I created the 10-part series, “African American Scientists from Louisiana”, highlighting 10 outstanding scientists who grew up in the Pelican State. 

Media Training for Scientists

I believe scientists should be powerful messengers of their own research, and I’m determined to make this happen. I’m currently advocating for TV stations to feature scientists and research on the news, but I recognize it’s essential for scientists to feel comfortable in media interviews themselves. In my 1-on-1  Communicating Science to the American Public + Media Training, we practice live 2-min TV interviews, speaking in soundbites, and cover any questions you have about the media. Even if you don’t expect to be approached for an interview any time soon, this training will be a valuable tool in your back pocket through your career. 


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